Patakfalvi Notaire

Patakfalvi Notaire was founded on May 2021 by Mtre Tamara Patakfalvi with the main purpose of creating an environment that cultivates a personalized relationship between you and your notary. Having your legal well-being in mind, Patakfalvi Notaire will curate a customized solution for all your notarial needs. The firm specializes in servicing the residential real estate market and personal estate planning.

The Patakfalvi team regularly participates in First Time Home Buyers seminars to help homeowners start on the right foot. To ensure a smooth, legal and stressless experience for you, Patakfalvi Notaire establishes a relationship with other professionals such as your real estate broker and your mortgage broker by collaborating directly with them to solve any obstacle that may arise, without bothering you.

In addition to serving the public, Me Patakfalvi offers a mentorship program. Serving the notaries by creating a safe and flourishing workspace. Patakfalvi Notaire wants to enhance the relationship between the notary and their clients by offering well calibrated tools that support the notary and open proper communication channels with their clients.

Meet our Team

Founder, Notary

Mtre Tamara Patakfalvi

Mtre Patakfalvi is the founder of Patakfalvi Notaire, she obtained her master’s degree in notarial law at the university of Sherbrooke. She quickly developed a working method to ensure that no client is forgotten and no legal need is left behind. Her focus has been to deliver sweet and stressless experiences and to instill a confidence in her clients when signing notarized documents.

In 2021, Mtre Patakfalvi was featured in the Chambre des Notaires du Quebec Entracte magazine and was selected as a panelist at the Federation of law Societies of Canada annual meeting on the topic of the issue of admission to practice and the adequacy of articling with the “real life”.

Since then, she has also been invited to speak at First Time Homeowners conferences, seminars; and estate planning podcasts, continuing to cultivate a relationship with the community.

“Peace of mind is my primary product; your satisfaction is what keeps me going.”

Director of Operations

Shant Tavitian

Mr. Tavitian is the first in line to greet you at Patakfalvi Notaire with a smile and an open heart. He brings his experience of IT automation, customer support and workflow optimization into the notarial world to facilitate the personalized relationships between the clients and their notaries. As the director of operations, he foresees the smooth functioning of the firm and coordinates the transactions, with all confidentiality.

In collaboration with Mtre Patakfalvi, Mr. Tavitian represents Patakfalvi Notaire at conferences for First Time Homeowners since 2022.

“Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.”